Saturday, 25 August 2012

What Of my Own RIGHT TO VARIETY? I need me some $1.5 billion too!

Could this be a battle of supremacy, intellectual pride or more than just these? I always maintain that 'Consumers more than the Producers should be handed more rights". Every Producer is a consumer but not every consumer is a producer. This is a very common fact. So whose Umbrella ought to be wider? well, if my reader has a beautiful mind like John Nash, this shouldn't be such a tasking question. So my big question is 'Does the Consumer not have the right to varieties?" I personally want to be able to flaunt an iPhone and a Galaxy tab all at once. I'm a consumer, and I have a basic right to flaunt! Aint it? I personally think that Apple's legal campaign is aimed at trying to beat down competition resulting from the spiking growth of Android, the operating system created by Google, that is used by Samsung and other device makers. In the second quarter, Android phones—which are made by many phone makers—represented 68% of smartphone shipments, while Apple's represented 17%, according to market research firm IDC.
So why does a company's greed get in the way of my right to Variety? That's the issue i think the U.S court should be ruling, not some flimsy patent appeals. If your design is copied, make a new one and a better one. After-all, not everything used in the making of Apple products are manufactured by Apple itself. So why bother when you see another device with a rectangular shape and rounded ends? Must everything be an "i"? SMH, iNonsense!
Funny enough, I use Apple products, and they are the coolest thing the human hands can feel. But the consumer loves competition, and that is what drives us on to buy a black mix in a coca-cola bottle instead of the same mix in a bottle labelled "Pepsi". We dont ask for much, just the ability to make Choices and the right to pick up and stick to our choices. 
Apple, which cited 28 Samsung products in the case, sued Samsung last year and ultimately accused the South Korean company of infringing seven patents. Samsung fired back, alleging some iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models infringed up to five of its patents. Well, I find something quite interesting as this matter unfolds. There happens to be two sets of Judgement, one from the U.S and the other from the home of Samsung, South Korea. As the story further untolds, we see clearly the work of greed instead of Consumer Interests. Now one person has to pay the other some $1 billion, and the battle seems to go on more and more. All I ask is my simple little question; when I get an answer for me, then you will see me blogging again. Buy the "I's", but do not forget, the earth is part of a wonderful Galaxy.
Till den, Obrigado! 

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