Monday, 17 September 2012

So what's the Reference Point?

I walk into the maternity ward for the first time, with a scary impression up in my head about the man I am going to be rotating under for the next eventful six weeks of my already Wonderful life. "Are You all the students who will be here for the next six weeks"? We manage to answer that with the faintest movement of our vocal cords and then mutter up enough courage to look the man in the eyes. He reads out our names from an email in his mobile device with some funny mispronunciations and then dops his head. On raising my head, I first notice some strands of white hair gladly worshipping from his head and yelling out 'Wisdom"! 16 years of practice is by no means a fluke, but then Life itself is a school nobody is yet to graduate from. He seems close but still far away and despite the fact that many places have been entered in search of "the answer", the most important answer eludes him. I see a man in search of the currency of life and existence. One who could trade all for that golden moment of meeting the 'Great architect". It is believed a certain group of people use those words "great architect", but if its english, then I too can make use of it. We run through how the 6 weeks will span out for us and what we are expected to accomplish at the end of it. And then he makes a profound statement;
     'This is going to be the worst six weeks of your life; Sleep is going to be a mere figment of your imagination".

Needless to say it has been the opposite apart from the sleep segment though.
The past 5 weeks have been eye opening and I feel as if my brain is about to have an orgasm. There has been an increased blood supply to the organ for the past 5 weeks. My mind has always been torn in between making definitions, reasoning out logic and defending my beloved faith.
My Faith, that was the biggest problem. Conflicting faith is one of humanity's biggest problem. Thanks to the tower of Babel and the overzealousness of men to see God, diversity has seen mankind battle many intellectual wars in search of the "Reference Point".
So the big question, Do you believe a God or do you create a mental picture of what you want your's to look like? I know the latter sounds like idolatry, but far from it. This has been the ongoing battle between the life veteran and my humble self. I have had to defend my belief, never questioning any because I know 'the answer is out there". I just haven't come across any yet.
As my six weeks winds to a close, I am more interested in knowing whether or not we can arrive on the same page. But one thing I have picked up and never letting go: "Knowing what your reference point is". It doesn't always have to fit another person's but If you've got it, follow it. I am not finished yet; I  will be back..............

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