Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Abidal's reason(s) to Keep Fighting...His wife and Kids.

It hasn't been the best of years for Eric Abidal. It's been a trip in and out of the hospital. He may be recovering from his Liver transplant, but let's take a look at the woman who has been by his side all through this ordeal. Born in Lyon, France, on 11 September 1979, The Abidals hail from immigrant families from Africa. Previously, Abidal was an adherent of the Catholic religion.
A source of strength and pillar for the Lyon-born French International, Algerian born Hayet Abidal has been more than just a wife and a mother of his 3 children. She was instrumental to his conversion to the Muslim religion and his move to Barcelona from France. Abidal's first meeting with his wife occurred when she was a teenager. The two lovebirds  then decided to get married in July 2003 ago. So far, the marriage has been blessed with 3 children: Méliana, Canélia & Leyna Abidal.

“All I can say is that I am happy to have a wonderful woman who has not only given me her heart and two great kids, but also a religion that preaches peace.”
Eric Abidal talking about his wife and converting to Islam.
Love and smiles.

A reason to live: a beautiful family.

During the struggle.

We still going strong.

This is what he wakes up every morning to.

Still Hayet...

With Dina Alves


With Wahiba Ribery

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