Thursday, 21 June 2012

Boxing Lions Continue to weather new storms as it Kicks Tiger Out of the Woods..

Boxing seems to be the new money-order in the sports circle as boxers rake in multi-million dollars with every fight. Given the fact that they do fight once in a while as opposed to the continuous and pendulous swinging of the golf clubs in every Open. Floyd Mayweather has overtaken Tiger Woods at the top of Forbes magazine's list of the 100 highest-paid sports personalities over the past year. The currently imprisoned Mayweather who is serving a 3 months for domestic violence raked in $85 milla (54.25 million pounds) mostly via promotions of his own fights. Like we say in Nigeria, it's all about "pACKAGING".
Mayweather's packaging has seen Tiger woods relegated to third spot having received $59.4m (£37.92m) with boxer Manny Pacquiao rising to second on earnings of $62m (£39.57m).  Oga Becks is 88th on the list thanks to his ever increasing influence of American soccer and Hollywood. Here's the top ten according to Forbes:

1. Floyd Mayweather $85m (£54.25m)

2 Manny Pacquiao $62m (£39.57m)

3 Tiger Woods $59.4m (£37.92m)

4 LeBron James $53m (£33.84m)

5 Roger Federer $52.7m (£33.64)

6 Kobe Bryant $52.3m (£33.38m)

7 Phil Mickelson $47.8m (£30.51m)

8 David Beckham $46m (£29.36m)

9 Cristiano Ronaldo $42.5m (£27.10m)

10 Peyton Manning $42.4m (£27.06m)

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  1. Just like in boxing, small guys are entertaining in MMA...speed, agility, and cardio that can't be matched by bigger guys. There have been so many good fights in the WEC since the Zuffa buyout...

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