Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bishop Oyedepo Wins Assault Case.....Robert Igbinedion Buries face in Shame.

Bishop Oyedepo: If You like, try another Lawsuit make I catch U!
Write or say what you may like, there are just some things you do not have freedom to. Like talking against or suing a man of God to Court. These very people God has sworn to protect. Joking with them may be tantamount to Joking with your life. Do they make mistakes? yES, but that's not a criteria to doubt the anointing over their lives. With full knowledge that a greater percentage of the media stories are Fabricated in a bid to rubbish these elects of God, I am always the least suprised when they all fade out. After all, 'no weapon fashioned against them does prosper". Yes, No weapon, be it media or otherwise.

No matter the angle of interpretation, Mr Robert Igbinedion was looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Sorry to say, it failed him. I have always stated the fact that 'we are Nigerians" not westerners. Some things no fit just hold ground for naija land. #Kpomkwem.

Igninedion, who filed a suit on behalf of the young lady who was allegedly slapped in Oyedepo’s church in 2009, had asked the court to award N2billion as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against the pastor among other reliefs. #2billion, something worry you.The presiding judge, Justice Ojo, however struck out the case for lack of merit and awarded the sum of N20, 000 (oboy shame for catch me, e no even reach tithe amount) against the plaintiff. He said the girl, who was allegedly slapped, remained a ghost victim and that the applicant failed to prove that he attended the service where the girl was allegedly slapped.

Dele Adesina, counsel to Oyedepo, had argued that there was nothing to show that the young lady who was slapped in the video – who had been dubbed ‘Miss Justice’ in the course of the suit – is a living person.(Oboy, see law na, kai!)

Quoting Premium times: “We humbly submit that ‘Miss Justice’ is a fictitious person, not capable of being represented in court.

“For the applicant to establish that he is suing on behalf of another person, that person must be determinable and identifiable,” he added.

So as e happen like that, MR iGBINS JUST WAKA GO! HIM CAREER DON END BE DAT.

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