Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jesus, the First Tweeter (You Could Give your Life to Jesus on Twitter. It's that Easy, just #ff Jesus).

Are you Tweet-Worthy?
The manner of perseverance exhibited by tweeters is amazing. All of a sudden, there is a mass exodus of Face-bookers, and a rapid conversion to tweeters. Many have switched their daily likes to tweets and finally fans have a medium whereby they could communicate firsthand with their favorite idols. Yes, I dont mean some Facebook page run by some admin guy who post supposed messages from Celebrity X. Little wonder why a study in Advertising Age found that of all the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and so forth), tweeters are the most religious. Now this is what we want to do: turn that religious nature to following Jesus. After-all, you are who you follow, right?
Jesus Tweets.
I was gleaning in some heavenly joy when I got a twitter notification on my Blackberry Porsche *ahem*, reading "Joyce Meyer is now following you on twitter", What? That's like saying Mother Theresa is reading my tweets. I took off my battery at first and then put it back in again, and the message still read the same. Ok, We all know that in twitter, who follows you has some odd way of adding more followers to your list. Well, needless to say I'v garnered more followers since then. Thanks   much Joyce Meyer.

Now blogging on twitter and Jesus wasn't my original idea, I had first encountered a similar piece on Relevant Magazine website and I thought to myself to blog this, but my own version though. So before you start giving me credit for coming up with such a brilliant idea, make sure Relevant magazine knows about it. Unlike Facebook, twitter epitomizes what true discipleship is. Because in Facebook you only Like and that's all. No Faith action is taken and we know that Liking Jesus alone can't get you into heaven. You sure need to follow, and the vehicle of twitter provides a perfect platform for that. More rightly, Jesus said 'Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men".....In twitterdom, that can be interpreted as "Follow me and I'll get you more followers".

Quoting Relevant Magazine: 'Christianity is all about following, but that is hard for us to accept. We want to be the leader who takes people to success and greatness. Jesus says, “I’m your leader who takes you to the cross.” Leaders wear crosses. Followers bear crosses. No wonder some find Jesus too demanding and break off their relationship with Him. No wonder Jesus turns to His disciples and says, “Will you also go away?” The first words Jesus’s disciples heard? “Follow me.” Jesus’ words were not interpreted in a directional sense (“Let’s go north!”). They knew He was calling them to be caught up in what He was doing. Jesus never once used the word leader or anything like it to refer to His disciples. He himself “led” with towel and trowel as He portrayed God’s dream for the world.
 True that! Very true.

So where the hell is Jesus' twitter account? Sorry, I guess that's why you haven't found it yet. Jesus account aint in hell, so I guess if you could rephrase the question, you may likely find it cos its quite glaring. Funny enough, Jesus is the only tweeter that has multiple accounts and with different names also. Still searching? Well, contact me privately or better still read my first post on this.
Yes, Rightly so.
In a world that's moving faster than the speed of light, little wonder the sun most time stands amazed! The 21st century is the only century in human history with the highest number of "short-span readers". Every reader today has a short span of reading, given the on-the-go attitude gradually encroaching the World. So the motto is 'Keep it simple and distilled". That's what twitter provides. 

Jesus and twitter have a lot of similarities. They both like keeping it Simple. No one was better at tweets than Jesus. He was always tweeting the Gospel in slim, memorable phrases, and even expressed his Gospel in The Great Tweet: “Love one another as I have loved you. JESUS explained the most complex of stories with the simplest Parables. His commands were simple "follow me". It takes more work to sieve thoughts into two sentences than two pages, and that is where the awesomeness of Jesus' words came out for al to see.  He had that Unique ability to distill thousands of thoughts and wrap them into just two lines still delivering the punch notes. Same way, Twitter teaches conciseness, but we have to supply the substance. If you can't relate the idea in 140 characters, then you probably dont understand it yourself. The more understanding one gets, the simpler things become. why? Because "My people perish for lack of Knowledge". The latest world culture is keeping it simple and concise but still delivering the point. Every missionary has the responsibility of imbibing that culture and twitter has the potential of being the world's biggest Missionary vehicle.

Twitter connects me both to others and to what’s hot, what’s current, what’re the reigning gossip and styles of this new global village. With Twitter I can keep one ear perpetually pinned to the ground. When I want to go "worldly", twitter tells me about the see through clothing Gaga wore in London or the Kola Boof and Djimon Hounsou sex affair. Short messages are interesting and they thrust deeper especially when they carry a weight load of words.

Wireless technology enables the multiplicity of personal exchanges to take place today with people from around the world. Twitter is the new global commons. It's the online version of the daily short messages we exchange in our human village: The Hi's, How are you and what you working on? I am not the most social person, history can confirm that. But Twitter has helped me keep tabs with my friends. Finally you get to talk to people without seeing their annoying faces. Phew! technology has saved me a lot. Twitter has enabled me to keep private yet go public. As contrasting as that may sound, that was actually the lifestyle of Jesus. He knew how to feed the masses without allowing his privacy to be invaded. He tweeted them the gospel. Twitter has opened my eyes to the Life of servitude. You do not tweet for yourself but for your tweeps. I am always looking forward to spreading a gospel to my tweeps.

Jesus tweets: I re-tweet. RT simply is sharing the Virus of the gospel. In a Youtube term, it simply             means making a tweet go Viral.

                              Let Jesus trend in you life today. Keep RT.

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