Friday, 13 July 2012

How Twitter can Lead you to Salvation. #ff Jesus.(Part 1)

Tweet Your way to Heaven.
Creflo DollarJoyce Meyer(1,120,450 followers), Bishop T D Jakes(534,304 followers), Joel and Victoria Osteen( 790,501), Max Lucado (470,000 followers) and other mega-pastors have not just garnered followers for themselves, but also have enabled this micro-blogging dotcom realize some income----Remember, activity is income for dotcoms. Take the musicians and Hollywood's 'constantly divorcing" celebrities away, no one has more followers than these Champions of the Gospel.  While Lady Gaga is teaching the world just how to go gaga, Joyce Meyer on the other hand is tweeting on just how you can keep saying 'haha", in spite of difficult circumstances. So Gaga makes you feel like you on dope, Joyce has the responsibility of giving you hope. Twitter owes most of its followership to these Fishers of men, after all, what's twitter all about if not following and being followed. You are who you follow!

Compared to top Twitter celebrities whose tweets reach hundreds of Millions of people, religious leaders accounts tend to have more engaged followers. They have all built loyal ranks of followers well beyond their social networks — they are evangelical Christian leaders whose inspirational messages of God’s love perform about 30 times as well as Twitter messages from pop culture powerhouses like Lady Gaga. Gaga will be tweeting on her road trip, Joyce would be tweeting you out of a hoe's strip. That's just how much fun it can be, contrasting as it may but twitter doesn't really mind. Just gather the followers, that's all. I for once usually thought that Posts from N.B.A. players, politicians, Musicians or actors were always causing the trends and ricocheting around twitter like no one's business: Little did I know. The rate at which the Posts from Religious leaders generates momentum, retweets and responds is absolutely shocking.

So alarming was it that at one time my Pastor and Father in the Lord, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was gathering over 2 million + followers so much so that he received a personal message from twitter asking "who are you". The tweet execs thought another entertainer or Hollywood buzzer was on the rise. Twitter could not contain Pastor Chris and his followers and so the execs had to limit the number of his followers. Well, the long and short of the story is what led to the birth of Yookos. The Pastors are punching well above their weight and the tweet moguls can see the anomaly.

Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado, Pastor Chris and Andy Stanley were not well known inside Twitter’s offices. Like many of us know, God gives man ideas for his edification. Music was instituted in heaven, Lucifer was the head Chorister. He knew how to make good music. When he was thrown down, he used God's idea to gather more followers. He knew he could get people to do what he wanted if he introduced worldly music into their thinking. That he has done and successfully too. While the name lady Gaga may be greeted with a loud ovation, Such cannot be said of Israel Houghton or Kirk Franklin. But that time is coming soon!

According to reports from Pew Research Center, Fifteen percent of adult Internet users in the United States are on Twitter, and about half of those use the network every day. No doubt twitter wants to beat Facebook's mark of 900 million users worldwide. On that note, they have embarked on projects to add new users and a key part of that Projects involves making the religious leaders more tweet-comfortable.

People want to believe in something. They like it, be it good or bad! They want someone to follow, one who will lead them in the path of life, be it Buddha or Jesus. Given that a large chunk of the world's populace believe in Jesus Christ, getting more tweeters to #ff Jesus would not just be a means of adding new users but also "making money from Jesus". That's just how the Tweet execs see it because no doubting that Jesus is the most Popular of them all. Not everyone wants to follow a C.E.O except the hedge fund managers and Forex Brokers, but the vast multitude that the religious leaders amass in follower-ship is not restricted to a particular area or field of  life. With the C E O's, it more about how the dollar is faring against the GBP, but to the Pastor, its all about sitting at the Table and breaking Tweets( or bread). After all, words are tweets and tweets are words. We wont be too far away if we had a view like John
             "In the beginning was the tweet, and the tweet was with God and the Tweet was God"

For twitter now, it is more about offering training, analytics and helping to swat away impostor accounts, as well as encouraging leaders to be less promotional and more personal in their posts. Twitter has offered similar support to celebrities and athletes since the company’s founding and now are extending this right hand of fellowship to the Mega-Pastors. They think: If we could offer more help to these men who command at least 4000-6000 people every Sunday, persuading them to also Preach the Twitter gospel just by sending out those short powerful messages, we could be launching our own IPO Sooner than expected.

                                  Twitter's gain will become Jesus' gain.


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