Wednesday, 11 July 2012

No more Coke for Ronaldinho..Coca Cola "bans" Ronnie!

Pepsi Vs Coke...
Does it get any better for Ronaldinho? When I remember how almost some 5-6 years ago, the buck-toothed maestro mesmerized the world with his flick-footed skills and ever-smiling face gracing the Cameras anytime he was on the football pitch, I can only but ask myself 'what happened to my Gaucho?

First, a webcam video of him masturbating went viral on web November last year with his former club Flamengo also revealing pictures of Ronnie and his wife in a Hotel in Londrina, Parana, where the team stayed during the pre-season in January and now losing his coca-cola sponsorship?

Just about a month after parting ways with his former club Flamengo over unpaid wages, Ronaldinho is the one being accused of breaching contracts as Coca-Cola ended his lucrative sponsorship deal less than a year after it was signed. The breaking point for the R$1.5M ($737,400) a year deal that was to run through the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was apparently that Ronaldinho appeared with cans of Pepsi which happen to be the sponsor of his new club Atletico Mineiro, at Press Conferences. (Lol, oboy the guy no fit drink wetin im wan again?, sha for Sponsorship o...Lwkmd)

Quoting Sports business daily:

In the last month, Ronaldinho left Brasileiro's Flamengo FC, "the team with the largest fan base" in Brazil, sued the club for R$40M ($19.7M), and appeared at an introductory news conference with his new club Atletico Mineiro "surrounded by Pepsi cans." In a statement, Coca-Cola Brasil cited "recent events" as the reason for the break-up. With the decision, Ronaldinho will not receive any additional money from the company nor will the drink manufacturer have to pay a fine. Institution ESPM Marketing Dir Marcelo Pontes said, "The fact that the player appeared with a Pepsi can was the last drop for Coca-Cola, but it probably was not the only motive for the decision."

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