Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Video of the Day. Strive Masiyiwa Speaks...

This is the best Video I watched today. What beauty to see a business mogul who just loves Jesus.

Video courtesy: CNN

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jesus, the First Tweeter (You Could Give your Life to Jesus on Twitter. It's that Easy, just #ff Jesus).

Are you Tweet-Worthy?
The manner of perseverance exhibited by tweeters is amazing. All of a sudden, there is a mass exodus of Face-bookers, and a rapid conversion to tweeters. Many have switched their daily likes to tweets and finally fans have a medium whereby they could communicate firsthand with their favorite idols. Yes, I dont mean some Facebook page run by some admin guy who post supposed messages from Celebrity X. Little wonder why a study in Advertising Age found that of all the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and so forth), tweeters are the most religious. Now this is what we want to do: turn that religious nature to following Jesus. After-all, you are who you follow, right?
Jesus Tweets.
I was gleaning in some heavenly joy when I got a twitter notification on my Blackberry Porsche *ahem*, reading "Joyce Meyer is now following you on twitter", What? That's like saying Mother Theresa is reading my tweets. I took off my battery at first and then put it back in again, and the message still read the same. Ok, We all know that in twitter, who follows you has some odd way of adding more followers to your list. Well, needless to say I'v garnered more followers since then. Thanks   much Joyce Meyer.

Now blogging on twitter and Jesus wasn't my original idea, I had first encountered a similar piece on Relevant Magazine website and I thought to myself to blog this, but my own version though. So before you start giving me credit for coming up with such a brilliant idea, make sure Relevant magazine knows about it. Unlike Facebook, twitter epitomizes what true discipleship is. Because in Facebook you only Like and that's all. No Faith action is taken and we know that Liking Jesus alone can't get you into heaven. You sure need to follow, and the vehicle of twitter provides a perfect platform for that. More rightly, Jesus said 'Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men".....In twitterdom, that can be interpreted as "Follow me and I'll get you more followers".

Quoting Relevant Magazine: 'Christianity is all about following, but that is hard for us to accept. We want to be the leader who takes people to success and greatness. Jesus says, “I’m your leader who takes you to the cross.” Leaders wear crosses. Followers bear crosses. No wonder some find Jesus too demanding and break off their relationship with Him. No wonder Jesus turns to His disciples and says, “Will you also go away?” The first words Jesus’s disciples heard? “Follow me.” Jesus’ words were not interpreted in a directional sense (“Let’s go north!”). They knew He was calling them to be caught up in what He was doing. Jesus never once used the word leader or anything like it to refer to His disciples. He himself “led” with towel and trowel as He portrayed God’s dream for the world.
 True that! Very true.

So where the hell is Jesus' twitter account? Sorry, I guess that's why you haven't found it yet. Jesus account aint in hell, so I guess if you could rephrase the question, you may likely find it cos its quite glaring. Funny enough, Jesus is the only tweeter that has multiple accounts and with different names also. Still searching? Well, contact me privately or better still read my first post on this.
Yes, Rightly so.
In a world that's moving faster than the speed of light, little wonder the sun most time stands amazed! The 21st century is the only century in human history with the highest number of "short-span readers". Every reader today has a short span of reading, given the on-the-go attitude gradually encroaching the World. So the motto is 'Keep it simple and distilled". That's what twitter provides. 

Jesus and twitter have a lot of similarities. They both like keeping it Simple. No one was better at tweets than Jesus. He was always tweeting the Gospel in slim, memorable phrases, and even expressed his Gospel in The Great Tweet: “Love one another as I have loved you. JESUS explained the most complex of stories with the simplest Parables. His commands were simple "follow me". It takes more work to sieve thoughts into two sentences than two pages, and that is where the awesomeness of Jesus' words came out for al to see.  He had that Unique ability to distill thousands of thoughts and wrap them into just two lines still delivering the punch notes. Same way, Twitter teaches conciseness, but we have to supply the substance. If you can't relate the idea in 140 characters, then you probably dont understand it yourself. The more understanding one gets, the simpler things become. why? Because "My people perish for lack of Knowledge". The latest world culture is keeping it simple and concise but still delivering the point. Every missionary has the responsibility of imbibing that culture and twitter has the potential of being the world's biggest Missionary vehicle.

Twitter connects me both to others and to what’s hot, what’s current, what’re the reigning gossip and styles of this new global village. With Twitter I can keep one ear perpetually pinned to the ground. When I want to go "worldly", twitter tells me about the see through clothing Gaga wore in London or the Kola Boof and Djimon Hounsou sex affair. Short messages are interesting and they thrust deeper especially when they carry a weight load of words.

Wireless technology enables the multiplicity of personal exchanges to take place today with people from around the world. Twitter is the new global commons. It's the online version of the daily short messages we exchange in our human village: The Hi's, How are you and what you working on? I am not the most social person, history can confirm that. But Twitter has helped me keep tabs with my friends. Finally you get to talk to people without seeing their annoying faces. Phew! technology has saved me a lot. Twitter has enabled me to keep private yet go public. As contrasting as that may sound, that was actually the lifestyle of Jesus. He knew how to feed the masses without allowing his privacy to be invaded. He tweeted them the gospel. Twitter has opened my eyes to the Life of servitude. You do not tweet for yourself but for your tweeps. I am always looking forward to spreading a gospel to my tweeps.

Jesus tweets: I re-tweet. RT simply is sharing the Virus of the gospel. In a Youtube term, it simply             means making a tweet go Viral.

                              Let Jesus trend in you life today. Keep RT.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Eeeeeeeeee! Arara rarara!

There's nothing as sweet as good music. When it hits you, you feel no pain. Eeeeeee! Here’s something new from illRymz featuring Legendary Afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti titled “Teacher Teacher”. I love the blend of the two different genres (Afrobeat and Rap) on this one....Wonder why soup tastes so sweet? Eeeeee! Cos its a mixture of different(S) which turns out to form a blend.

Friday, 13 July 2012

How Twitter can Lead you to Salvation. #ff Jesus.(Part 1)

Tweet Your way to Heaven.
Creflo DollarJoyce Meyer(1,120,450 followers), Bishop T D Jakes(534,304 followers), Joel and Victoria Osteen( 790,501), Max Lucado (470,000 followers) and other mega-pastors have not just garnered followers for themselves, but also have enabled this micro-blogging dotcom realize some income----Remember, activity is income for dotcoms. Take the musicians and Hollywood's 'constantly divorcing" celebrities away, no one has more followers than these Champions of the Gospel.  While Lady Gaga is teaching the world just how to go gaga, Joyce Meyer on the other hand is tweeting on just how you can keep saying 'haha", in spite of difficult circumstances. So Gaga makes you feel like you on dope, Joyce has the responsibility of giving you hope. Twitter owes most of its followership to these Fishers of men, after all, what's twitter all about if not following and being followed. You are who you follow!

Compared to top Twitter celebrities whose tweets reach hundreds of Millions of people, religious leaders accounts tend to have more engaged followers. They have all built loyal ranks of followers well beyond their social networks — they are evangelical Christian leaders whose inspirational messages of God’s love perform about 30 times as well as Twitter messages from pop culture powerhouses like Lady Gaga. Gaga will be tweeting on her road trip, Joyce would be tweeting you out of a hoe's strip. That's just how much fun it can be, contrasting as it may but twitter doesn't really mind. Just gather the followers, that's all. I for once usually thought that Posts from N.B.A. players, politicians, Musicians or actors were always causing the trends and ricocheting around twitter like no one's business: Little did I know. The rate at which the Posts from Religious leaders generates momentum, retweets and responds is absolutely shocking.

So alarming was it that at one time my Pastor and Father in the Lord, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was gathering over 2 million + followers so much so that he received a personal message from twitter asking "who are you". The tweet execs thought another entertainer or Hollywood buzzer was on the rise. Twitter could not contain Pastor Chris and his followers and so the execs had to limit the number of his followers. Well, the long and short of the story is what led to the birth of Yookos. The Pastors are punching well above their weight and the tweet moguls can see the anomaly.

Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado, Pastor Chris and Andy Stanley were not well known inside Twitter’s offices. Like many of us know, God gives man ideas for his edification. Music was instituted in heaven, Lucifer was the head Chorister. He knew how to make good music. When he was thrown down, he used God's idea to gather more followers. He knew he could get people to do what he wanted if he introduced worldly music into their thinking. That he has done and successfully too. While the name lady Gaga may be greeted with a loud ovation, Such cannot be said of Israel Houghton or Kirk Franklin. But that time is coming soon!

According to reports from Pew Research Center, Fifteen percent of adult Internet users in the United States are on Twitter, and about half of those use the network every day. No doubt twitter wants to beat Facebook's mark of 900 million users worldwide. On that note, they have embarked on projects to add new users and a key part of that Projects involves making the religious leaders more tweet-comfortable.

People want to believe in something. They like it, be it good or bad! They want someone to follow, one who will lead them in the path of life, be it Buddha or Jesus. Given that a large chunk of the world's populace believe in Jesus Christ, getting more tweeters to #ff Jesus would not just be a means of adding new users but also "making money from Jesus". That's just how the Tweet execs see it because no doubting that Jesus is the most Popular of them all. Not everyone wants to follow a C.E.O except the hedge fund managers and Forex Brokers, but the vast multitude that the religious leaders amass in follower-ship is not restricted to a particular area or field of  life. With the C E O's, it more about how the dollar is faring against the GBP, but to the Pastor, its all about sitting at the Table and breaking Tweets( or bread). After all, words are tweets and tweets are words. We wont be too far away if we had a view like John
             "In the beginning was the tweet, and the tweet was with God and the Tweet was God"

For twitter now, it is more about offering training, analytics and helping to swat away impostor accounts, as well as encouraging leaders to be less promotional and more personal in their posts. Twitter has offered similar support to celebrities and athletes since the company’s founding and now are extending this right hand of fellowship to the Mega-Pastors. They think: If we could offer more help to these men who command at least 4000-6000 people every Sunday, persuading them to also Preach the Twitter gospel just by sending out those short powerful messages, we could be launching our own IPO Sooner than expected.

                                  Twitter's gain will become Jesus' gain.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bishop Oyedepo Wins Assault Case.....Robert Igbinedion Buries face in Shame.

Bishop Oyedepo: If You like, try another Lawsuit make I catch U!
Write or say what you may like, there are just some things you do not have freedom to. Like talking against or suing a man of God to Court. These very people God has sworn to protect. Joking with them may be tantamount to Joking with your life. Do they make mistakes? yES, but that's not a criteria to doubt the anointing over their lives. With full knowledge that a greater percentage of the media stories are Fabricated in a bid to rubbish these elects of God, I am always the least suprised when they all fade out. After all, 'no weapon fashioned against them does prosper". Yes, No weapon, be it media or otherwise.

No matter the angle of interpretation, Mr Robert Igbinedion was looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Sorry to say, it failed him. I have always stated the fact that 'we are Nigerians" not westerners. Some things no fit just hold ground for naija land. #Kpomkwem.

Igninedion, who filed a suit on behalf of the young lady who was allegedly slapped in Oyedepo’s church in 2009, had asked the court to award N2billion as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against the pastor among other reliefs. #2billion, something worry you.The presiding judge, Justice Ojo, however struck out the case for lack of merit and awarded the sum of N20, 000 (oboy shame for catch me, e no even reach tithe amount) against the plaintiff. He said the girl, who was allegedly slapped, remained a ghost victim and that the applicant failed to prove that he attended the service where the girl was allegedly slapped.

Dele Adesina, counsel to Oyedepo, had argued that there was nothing to show that the young lady who was slapped in the video – who had been dubbed ‘Miss Justice’ in the course of the suit – is a living person.(Oboy, see law na, kai!)

Quoting Premium times: “We humbly submit that ‘Miss Justice’ is a fictitious person, not capable of being represented in court.

“For the applicant to establish that he is suing on behalf of another person, that person must be determinable and identifiable,” he added.

So as e happen like that, MR iGBINS JUST WAKA GO! HIM CAREER DON END BE DAT.

Patience Jonathan, Nigeria's First Lady, Appointed as Perm Secretary...

Dame Patience Jonathan, Nigeria's First Lady.
Reading this just made me laugh. Well, due criteria and processes including the law supports her appointment, but my question-----She already holds an office (though not an elected one), so why give more food to the Overfed dog...When there are many other qualified dogs waiting for the same bone.
Remember, its Nigeria we talking about.

Read story here.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

No more Coke for Ronaldinho..Coca Cola "bans" Ronnie!

Pepsi Vs Coke...
Does it get any better for Ronaldinho? When I remember how almost some 5-6 years ago, the buck-toothed maestro mesmerized the world with his flick-footed skills and ever-smiling face gracing the Cameras anytime he was on the football pitch, I can only but ask myself 'what happened to my Gaucho?

First, a webcam video of him masturbating went viral on web November last year with his former club Flamengo also revealing pictures of Ronnie and his wife in a Hotel in Londrina, Parana, where the team stayed during the pre-season in January and now losing his coca-cola sponsorship?

Just about a month after parting ways with his former club Flamengo over unpaid wages, Ronaldinho is the one being accused of breaching contracts as Coca-Cola ended his lucrative sponsorship deal less than a year after it was signed. The breaking point for the R$1.5M ($737,400) a year deal that was to run through the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was apparently that Ronaldinho appeared with cans of Pepsi which happen to be the sponsor of his new club Atletico Mineiro, at Press Conferences. (Lol, oboy the guy no fit drink wetin im wan again?, sha for Sponsorship o...Lwkmd)

Quoting Sports business daily:

In the last month, Ronaldinho left Brasileiro's Flamengo FC, "the team with the largest fan base" in Brazil, sued the club for R$40M ($19.7M), and appeared at an introductory news conference with his new club Atletico Mineiro "surrounded by Pepsi cans." In a statement, Coca-Cola Brasil cited "recent events" as the reason for the break-up. With the decision, Ronaldinho will not receive any additional money from the company nor will the drink manufacturer have to pay a fine. Institution ESPM Marketing Dir Marcelo Pontes said, "The fact that the player appeared with a Pepsi can was the last drop for Coca-Cola, but it probably was not the only motive for the decision."

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ipad may have a Rival..Well, Nexus 7 is Closer, and its Just $199.

Nexus 7.

The battle of the tablets seems to get more interesting. Samsung got a court ruling forbidding them from selling their Galaxy tab in the US after Apple said that "it looks so much like the Ipad".  Well while Windows 'surface" and Ipad seem to be sky-rocketing in prices, the new Android tablet from google may just be the easy answer. At $199, same with the Amazon with far greater capabilities much like that of the Ipad, the Nexus 7 is the best Android tablet yet...and it's just 7-inch. Yes, 7!


Read more Here.

Monday, 9 July 2012

2A'S become One. Andres Iniesta and Ana Ortiz say "I do".

Andres and Ana.
What else could Andres Iniesta ask for?  Euro 2012's MVP added another trophy to his ever-expanding Cabinet but this time around, a living one. Iniesta, clad in a navy blue suit, posted a photo on Twitter on Sunday with his new wife Anna Ortiz saying "Amazing day! Just married. The historic Tamarit castle in Tarragona province, south of Barcelona played host to over 700 guests as spanish players re-united once again barely two weeks after re-writing footballing history to join Barcelona's "wicked feet" and Baby faced assasin as he said lifetime vows to long-time girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Ana Ortiz.

Kissing to a new Beginning, Andres and Ana.

Barca idols Lionel Messi, Xavi, Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique were present, along with Spain and Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas. Samuel Eto' Fils and wife were also present to wish the midfield maestro a good start as he starts a life-long season of playing in the Husband's league. People lined the streets leading to the wedding in Tamarit, with Barcelona teammate Gerard Pique tweeting "this looks like the Tour de France.''

What a year it has been!
Cesc Fabregas and Girlfriend Arrive Castle of Tamarit.
Hundreds of onlookers and photographers tried to catch a glimpse of the wedding from the coastal hills close to the castle. Iniesta, 28, is one of Spain’s most popular footballers, not only because of his achievements on the field but also because of his modesty and humility.He scored the goal that gave Spain their first World Cup win in the 2010 final against the Netherlands, and was voted best player at Euro 2012, which Spain won to become the first ever team to pick up three consecutive major trophies.

Messi andd Girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo arrive the Castle of Tamarit to Celebrate Andres and Ana.
On a personal view, I regard Andres as the best player in the world, although FIFA has their own say as regards that. Andres is what I term a footballing genius, one who practically caresses  the ball. Ana sure would not have a problem as regards Andres' fine touch and silky moves (Which I hope he transfers to "the other pitch").
Pedro and Girlfriend arrive the castle of Tamarit.

As he scores goals this time around inside an Uterus, I wish Andres THE BEST IN HIS NEW JOURNEY.
Victor Valdes...

Eto and wife also graced the Occasion.

They may stop Andres in Training, but no more stopping him in this one..Gerard Pique and Puyol.

Iniesta has never ben mentioned without Xavi being the next name...Footballing besties.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Call the Inspector General Of Police directly on his CellPhone Number 0805966.....

IGP, Mohammed D Abubakar.
08059666666...Yes, Dariisit..The IG's number. Phew, Thank God police no go ask me for Egunje again. If they try am, I will just dial 0805........
Read full story here at

Can You Imagine? A Thief questioned me?

I can picture this. Probably the Zenon oil boss must have been rolling on the floor when he was being questioned by "the lawmakers". He might have asked himself some questions like "really", Is this happening for real? Who's questioning me?
This is what happens when one of the most trusted threads in the Fabric of the House decides to get $3 million richer at the expense of his integrity and that of the Legislative. See Video above. (Video Courtesy of ChannelsTV). Just incase you are new to the #LawanOtedola saga, read it here. What happens #onlyinNigeria.

Zenon Oil Boss, Femi Otedola.

#LawanOtedola: A show of Shame.

Its been a grilling period for the Nigerian Republic. Security is at its highest threat as the Bokos go about killing lives haramly and FaroukOtedola money love  affair is gathering momentum but actually going nowhere. Look at the stories in the Links below:

#Faroukotedola$3 millionFarouk Hides Money In cap,  Audio transcipt,
We will expose corruption
I have been closely following the media reports on the #Lawanotedola Story and I must say I really haven't decided to blog on this until all procedures are carried out and duly verified. But I have some questions to ask:
1. How does a lawmaker facing ALLEGATIONS FOR CORRUPTION still retain a seat as a Honorable member in Nigeria's parliament. For a said involvement in the scandal, he should be forced to resign and face charges. The law might say He is innocent until proven guilty, but with such mounting evidences at least, a resignation is not a condemnation.
2. Why does a Chairman, House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy have a meeting other than an official or Committee requested meeting with one of the very culprits whom you are investigating and also against who your committee report does not favor.  Every meeting would and is supposed to be within the borders or confines of the said Committee, including all conversations and interrogations.

Well, I am still awaiting the conclusion of this interesting saga. Whether Nigeria accpts or not, this is a big shame for a country of our magnitude. Only in Nigeria do corrupt officials seek to fight corruption. Trust me, this whole thing will end the Nigerian way. As for Mike Ozekhome and Farouk, you both must really think Nigerians are very dumb. It's obvious Farouk is really smart. *smh*

Civilians beware, the military is watching your failures. #justsaying.