Friday, 11 May 2012

A battle of Rights Vs Morals: Integrity Vs Politics: Romney seems to be winning this one for me.

I  have never been so interested in American politics until some few years ago when Barack racked up the presidential seat in the White house. Like my fellow "people", I also thought equality has finally been justified as a word in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Well, Obama came, he saw, I don't know for sure if he conquered. Whether George Bush left a crumbling economy for him to fix or whether he created Jobs, I do not know (CNN reports a lot of stuffs). He might have masterminded the Killing of the World's deadliest terrorist, but in the same vein, I think something in the white house has maimed his conscience.
I saw him on TV and he muttered out of his mouth words that totally crumbled his integrity (as far as I am concerned). Well someone may ask, who are you and why should your opinion count? Well, since everybody has rights these days, I think I have a right to voice my opinion in a generation where rights is gradually erasing morals; morals which have been for millenniums past the very stronghold on which the human race thrives. Watch this video Obama finally Supports Gay Marriage. And then the Obama team sends out a video responding to Mitt Romney's opposition of same sex Marriage Mitt Romney: Backwards on Equality. Really?
I ask, Is this a political strategy just to win the elections or a total let down of morals and Integrity? The very foundations on which the American society was and is built?
ABC reporter during the ABC news special report introduces the issue;
'There is Big breaking news from the white house. This is a historic political and cultural moment in this country, and the issue; Gay marriage".
North Carolina became the 30th state few hours ago to ban gay marriage. And then in the next few hours, the man who is supposed to uphold the moral ethics and fundamentals on which the American dream was built utters 'words that may probably shape the course of America's history'. (obviously for the worse)
You've been going through an evolution on this issue?! Wow, Presido BO...You have indeed evolved! As for Joe Biden, well, I really don't blame him. Given my little knowledge of the politicking game, I think I know why he supports such an immoral issue. Did Biden's earlier statement coerce him into saying what he said? Well, Maybe or maybe not. But if I were to be an American citizen, I do not think I would  love "a  president who chickens under pressure' to lead me for the next 4 years of my wonderful life. How wonderful is it to know that "Barack Obama has been both praised and criticised a day after he became the first sitting US president to publicly support gay marriage"

For the First time, I think I want to have a cup of tea with Mitt Romney. His words in the video released by the #obamateam *3000 years of human history shouldn't be discarded so quickly* showed me a man who clearly does put human integrity above his political ambition. And I think  the next time someone wakes me up, I would probably mutter out these words first "Romney for President!" Mitt Romney, I salute you sir!
I love President Obama, but until he divorces Michelle and marries Biden, then I do not think I can share his same views that "gay couples can get married".


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