Wednesday, 30 May 2012

@Tango 12. Let's take a look at what the world's Finest would be Kicking in Ukraine-Poland.

It is tradition that a new football is designed for every UEFA Euros and FIFA World Cup. The 2012 UEFA Euros is no exception and adidas, the official match ball supplier have designed the novel TANGO 12 football.

1978 Tango

JA'bulani..Official Match ball of FIFA 2010 WC in SA.

Tango 12..Official Ball for Euro 2012

Let's take a good look @ Tango12. It kinda follows the same styling as the pattern on the tango ball. Tango Durlast by Adidas was the official match ball of the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina. It introduced a new design which would be used for the next twenty years: Twenty identical panels with 'triads' created the impression of 12 circles. The Adidas Tango Durlast was made of genuine leather and boasted the shiny waterproofing Durlast coating.The ball has been remade for use in the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship under the name Adidas Tango 12. Tango 12 was officially presented on 2 December 2011, during the group draw for the final tournament in Kiev.Ukrainian Olympic legend Serhiy Bubka gave the ball its first public showing at the Palace of Arts, the familiar design evoking memories of tournaments of yesteryear – the Tango River Plate (1980), Tango Mundial (1984) and Tango Europa (1988) having been used at previous UEFA European Championships. Tango 12 features a modern interpretation of the design including a colored outline inspired by the flags of the two host nations – Poland and Ukraine. Tango 12 is the fourth incarnation of the Tango ball. It is the 11th official Adidas Euro ball. Tango 12 uses heavily modified construction design used by the criticized Adidas Jabulani (thirty-two 2D panels instead of eight 3D panels). The ball is reportedly designed to be easier to dribble and control than its predecessor the Adidas Jabulani, used during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
The texture is similar to what you see on the CL ball. No stitching at all, looks like its all fused and thermally bonded. Panels are fairly similar to the Jabulani.
With 100’s of hours spent on wind tunnel testing, robot kicking trials and player testing, the design, dimensions and distribution of the surface textures (seams and micro texture) have been extensively measured and optimised. This ensures the ball produces a favourable performance, in terms of dynamic and aerodynamic characteristics. It also meets all FIFA denomination programme regulations and undergone rigorous durability tests.The ball will be deployed for the first time in a competitive international when co-hosts Poland get the tournament under way in Warsaw on Friday 8 June.

For Sure, Emotions, passions, rivalries and glory will all spark. Ukraine and Poland, Let's tango!

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