Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ITS OFFICIAL************THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD! (Still on the Mara)

Talk about using Fire to quench fire. Just because Iron sharpeneth Iron does not mean Fire quencheth Fire. Going Nude to fight prostitution? #Madness.
Femen Group has pledged a campaign of stunts targeting the Upcoming Euros.

The aim is great, the idea is lovely, but its implementation is whack.  A topless protester from the infamous Femen women's rights group slightly damaged UEFA's famous Henri Delaunay Trophy as it went on public show in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Reason: "Femen believes the soccer tournament will encourage sex tourism."Femen has argued that the tournament will strengthen the foothold that prostitution has on Ukrainian economy and society and boost its sex-tourism trade. Every sane human is against prostitution especially in World events such as the coming Euros, but going bare in order to preach the message is sure not the best approach. Ukraine does not want its cultural values to be tainted by the estimated 1 million visitors that may be coming into its territory, hence the fight to safeguard its morals and values. Watch video of the Preparation and incident here.

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych....Sure has more work ahead of Euro Kick-Off.
And then the issue of racism and violence. The scene is bad enough that the families of English stars Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will not even attend the tournament. It is serious enough that former England captain Sol Campbell, interviewed in the BBC documentary, is encouraging English fans to stay home instead of travelling to Eastern Europe to support the team. Just Incase you missed the video in my last post, You can watch it here.

Campbell’s words, in particular, are what draw the ire of defensive tournament organizers who are pretending there isn't much of an issue with Racism. Furthermore, Polish organizers invite Campbell to visit the country and “Get to know us as we really are.” Then Ukraine’s Euro 2012 organizing committee chief Markiyan Lubyivskyi “fail(s) to see what the point of these comments really is.” Then he’s quoted calling for the media to impose a crackdown on its own coverage.Having lived in Vancouver, an Olympic city, I know it can be annoying to be criticized from abroad when you don’t feel like the international media are getting all the facts. But this reporter spent a whole month in Poland and Ukraine, watching and documenting football fans displaying some outlandish behaviour at football matches. The officials in this case have done a laughably poor job of managing issues that will only exacerbate the brewing PR disaster that the tournament threatens to become.The tournament threatens to cap off what has been an infamous year for racism in football. John Terry would be playing in the Euros knowing that he would face Trial on return, the racial abuse of Patrice Evra by Luis Suarez, a fine against the Porto club after fans did monkey chants at Mario "attention-seeker" Balotelli, and now the possibility of blacks and Jews facing the wrath of fascistic supporters’ bases in Poland and Ukraine.

Organizers better have a plan for dealing with racism and violence. Because their words indicate they don’t plan to do a damn thing about it. And change their fight from just a slogan to an actual combat agains the menace.Just a reminder, Russia would be hosting the World cup in 2018...ehmmm, I didnt say anything.

Topless Ukraine! topless Femen activist Yulia Kovpachyk Tries grabbing the Euro 2012 trophy in Kyiv on May 12.
Still on the main issue____"Topless Ukraine". So far, the PR disaster has rocked both Countries bottomless, but now topless? OmG. Take a look at the Image above. Ukraine's failure to address concerns about jailed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko could threaten a European Union-Ukraine association agreement that has been under negotiation for years. Politicians in Western Europe looking to express their displeasure with the treatment of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and members of her government appear to have settled on something sure to get President Viktor Yanukovych's attention -- a boycott of matches held on Ukrainian soil. A move that would sure Jeopardize all that Ukraine has plunged into hosting this tournaments and the benefits that accrue. Over the past two years, Ukraine has built two stadiums, opened four airports, and unveiled a fleet of high-speed trains. It has spent $14.5bn (£9.3bn) on preparations for the Euro 2012 football championships alone, a whopping sum for a small GDP country. Certainly a boycott at this time would spell nothing less than disaster. Never in recent history has a pre-tournament media build up of such magnitude been recorded. The European Championships is only second to the World cup, though some quarters do believe its actually more interesting that the FIFA organized Mundial. Certainly boycotts of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games and of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics showed that mixing politics and athletics is a huge mistake. So is this all part of a ploy or a solution, given that when human rights were violated in Russia, in the case of  Khodorkovsky who was in prison for many years for political reasons, no one suggested a boycott of  Russia.
Yulia Tymoshenko....Former Ukraine Prime Minister. Faces 7 years prison sentence for abuse of Office.

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