Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mr Branson, OUT4marriage, Boko Haram and the Nigerian situation.

Richard Branson has always been one of my most favorite entrepreneurs. A dropout at 16, he founded a mail-order record retailer, which became the Virgin Records stores and music label. Today, his empire includes 200 companies - airlines, music festivals, mobile phones - in 30 countries. His estimated net worth: $6.8 billion. Mr Richard, I do admire your entrepreneurial skills which has definitely placed you on the  world map and the lips of thousands of people. But for the first time, I may not share your views this time around.
I do not believe in discriminating against gay people, but I sure do know well that its very advisable to keep them at some distance (Aint that still discrimination? smh). Well, however being gay is very much contrary to the 'natural/normal". Mr Branson is a product of a union between a male and a female, so why on earth would you advocate for people of the same sexes to be joined together? I see that Mr Branson as being "wicked". Looking at Mr Branson's Biography on the site I picked out the following lines:

1) Born Richard Charles Nicholas Branson on July 18, 1950 in Surrey, England. His father, Edward James Branson, worked as a barrister. His mother, Eve Branson, was employed as a flight attendant. (Note, hisparents sexes, male and female)
2) Branson is married to his second wife, Joan Templeman, with whom he has two children: Holly and Sam. He currently lives in London. (Mr Branson is married to a woman, Joan Templeman and has 2 kids with the same Joan Templeman. The article didnt say he was married to his "partner", instead it specified the word "wife".
Mr Branson says and I quote 'gettting married myself and giving my daughter Holly away at a wedding last year, are amongst the proudest days in my life. Everybody should be able to experince those moments if they wish to do so, regardless of their sexuality. At Virgin, we treat everbody the same,  whether they are straight or whether they are gay".Owk Mr Branson, #issorai. I just have a few points to highlight.
First and foremost, you talked about your getting married and giving Holly your daughter away in marriage as being amongst the proudest days in your life. Well Mr Branson, I put it to you that you were proud because you did what was normal, the very natural, the way it was meant to be. You married a woman and you gave your daughter away to a man. That is why you were proud and happy. That is why you can still hold up your head high as a proud father.
Secondly Mr Branson, Virgin treats everybody the same because "its a company" for crying out loud. If you do not treat everybody the same, we both know the implication it would have on your company's image, your profits and your personal image. Please, spare some of us the antics. Obama never supported gay marriage until the elections drew closer. So we all know what it involves.

Mr Branson, I'm very much aware of your investments in Nigeria and what it is doing for the economy of this great African nation. But Mr Branson, its because of statements like this on your blog that's making Boko Haram hunt down more innocent lives. Knowing fully well the meaning of Boko Haram (which means "western education is forbidden'), comments like the one on your blog (dated Dec 5, 2011) are one of the reasons why our own Nigerian brothers are taking away innocent lives. Western education was suppose to refine a human and make a person more productive, not completely erase a person's morals, sense of judgement and above all total disregard for the Creator.
The Boko Haram group see western education as a threat because of the various "havocs" its causing. We are all witnesses to the degree of moral decadence in our society today. The initial idea of education I suppose was to refine a man into one who had moral values, responsibilities and productivity. Its clearly doing the opposite.
Notwithstanding, there is no justification whatsoever to take human lives and as always, I condemn the actions of the Boko Haram group. I personally think it would be wise to quell rather than fuel more violence, given the situation in Nigeria at the moment. As at last year, the prohibition of same sex marriage passed unopposed through the Nigerian senate floor. A move I highly commend them  for. I can only but imagine what would have happened If Same-sex marriage was legalised in Nigeria. Probably, more lives would have been lost.

Mr Branson, I may fly Virgin, but I am not #Out4marriage like that. Anyway, #issokay. By the way, send me some billions though, I'm starting a new airline company "Ashawo Atlantic".

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