Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mark MoneyBerg: Gradually "Zucking" into Wall Street.

Okay, we know the story. How Zuckerberg and co turned ideas into fortune. Out of his college dorm room came an idea that let's me and over 250 million people worldwide keep in touch with old friends, memories etc.  A wise person follows this trend: You first let your idea make you money and then when you have got the money, you let the money make you more ideas. Its like a cycle. Zuckerberg's idea brought him the money, but now he is making the money work for him to generate more money. Nothing births money better than money itself. Same law applies to natural principles; a human can only give birth to a human.
For Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's public offering is a "big big" turning point. It is the deal that will either prove once and for all that the company is changing just about everything, or that the mania over social media is spiraling out of control. Zuckerberg is becoming a familiar at the wall street doorways (Can't believe I'm yet to watch the movie The social Network (watch Trailer above).   Zuckerberg is gradually becoming a Who’s Who of Wall Street heavy-hitters, with untold billions to command. (Dunno why I keep seeing Warren Buffet anytime I watch Bloomberg: Makes me depressed. Lol. Just Kidding Buffet, wouldn't mind if you handed over your berkshire hathaway to me. I know you got kids, adoption aint that a bad idea).
Quoting NY TIMES "It’s May 7, a week before Mr. Zuckerberg’s 28th birthday. And, as Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the wider world all know, something big is coming. It is the deal that will either prove once and for all that Facebook is changing just about everything, everywhere, or that the mania over social media and this company, its apotheosis, is spiraling out of control.
Inside a ballroom at the Sheraton New York in Midtown Manhattan, Facebook’s executives, spinmeisters and bankers are choreographing its initial public stock offering. This is no mere I.P.O. It feels like a cultural event, a pinnacle in the history of tech, a moment. The deep pockets have arrived at the Sheraton for a multibillion-dollar sales pitch. If all goes well, Facebook will go public on Friday in an I.P.O. that could value it at nearly $100 billion.
One hundred billion dollars — for a company that, eight years ago, didn’t even exist".  I WOW at the very last statement. Pretty much reminds me of the Principle of "calling forth great things out of nothing" (Those of us who live by faith should understand that). How God created this magnificent world out of nothing. Very well then, I think its better to make something out of nothing than make nothing out of a lot(Wonder why people bear the title "Professor" and yet their names do not open the doors at Wall street. smh). So there's hope to us ward whose minds are still "blank", at-least we've got a great future. I know for sure Zuckerberg always kept to the principle of Romans 4:17b "who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist". He dreamt about it, he called it forth and it existed---Facebook Inc. Needless to say how much faith he demonstrated to pull this through, but soon enough, Facebook would be valued at $100 billion, a move that could make Mark Elliot Zuckerberg impossibly rich and propel his stake worth upward of $18.7 billion. Mr Zuckerberg will be for the first time in his 28 year 'money-infested' life, at the mercy of a higher power. A power that the top C.E.O'S of the wall street succumb to every single passing second, and a merciless and relentless power at that----The stock Market. How will He cope with this? 

(We continue later...)

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