Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jumio Vs Facebook...Saverin compares initial growth of both.

Jumio Introduces Netswipe. Turn your Webcam into a credit card reader.
“It’s actually grown a lot faster than I’ve seen in Facebook at the beginning.”This are the very words of Facebook Co-founder Eduardo Saverin speaking at the CHINICT technology conference in BeijingOn May 25th, 2012.
The Facebook Inc.  (FB) co-founder  said mobile-payment company Jumio Inc., one of his start-up investments, is growing even faster than the social network did at the beginning.Whether this is a snub at Zuckerberg, I don't know. But sha, Jumio is running at a great speed. The Mountain View, California-based company is on course for $100 million in annual sales and is “highly profitable.

Jumio..Transforming Online payments.
 If there's one thing Mr Saverin's record can prove, it is that the Brazilian Born billionaire can see a blooming investment right from its onset. Little wonder Jumio is gradually becoming a force to record with when it comes to mobile payments.   Mr Saverin used his life savings of $30,000 to fund Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for the social network and has since invested in startups including Anideo, a developer of mobile applications, and ShopSavvy Inc., a price-comparison service. an interesting feature of Jumio, is that its  software turns any web cam or handset into a credit-card reader. This is sure a huge transformation in the mobile payment market.

With a net worth of about $2.8 billion, Mr Saverin is sure one of the youngest world billionaires.

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