Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A president, a Rapper and a facebook Co-founder. Hollywood should be having a new story line___The 3 Gayketeers.

Okay, Just some days ago, Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to openly declare his support for gay unions. Few hours ago, Jay Z discussed the gay issue with CNN, saying President Obama's decision to come out in support of gay marriage was "the right thing to do."

He told CNN...I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple.
Two of the word's most powerful and influential figures, both commanding a huge "fan base" and definitely a huge "cash base" have voiced out in support of gay unions. Guess what, both of them have my skin color___black. I'm definitely not discriminating cos I'm black too, but I always question "why always blacks". I believe our "inherent' ability to succumb under pressure sets us apart from other races. And then, both speakers have another thing in common; Both are married to women and Jay Z just recently became a blue daddy. If I'm to quote Jay Z from his song Glory dedicated to blue Ivy Carter in which he said "The most amazing feeling I feel / Words can't describe the feeling, for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue / My greatest creation was you, you", I would like to ask him if this great creation of his could come up if he was married to the President? Baby Ivy was made in Paris via the union of a man and a woman. Jay z slotted his disk into Beyonce's CD drive and it opened a file named Baby Blue Ivy Carter. That can't happen with a gay partner, can it? Well, enough said.

In a week which we see Facebook co-founders trending like the company's IPO buzz, Facebook co-founder and Jumo founder Chris Hughes is the one in the news this time around. Well, I think his involvement does vindicate Jay Z and Obama from my initial Judgement. (Warrisit? I'm just blogging Joor!). Madness is definitely revolving faster in this 21st Sextury. Only time will tell the normal from the abnormal. Chris Hughes and his partner (e hmm *coughs*) Sean Eldridge just recently gave 100k to Maine's marriage equality campaign. Funding "sin" is definitely becoming a good cause in this 21st sextury and this 27-year old is worth an estimated $500 million!(smh, see how $500 milla is going down the Gay drainage!)
The Bangor daily reports:Mainers United for Marriage on Monday announced the fundraising challenge from Chris Hughes and his fiance, Sean Eldrige, president of Hudson River Ventures and senior adviser to Freedom to Marry. The campaign will have until June 7 to raise the matching funds.

“Voters in Maine have a historic opportunity to win marriage at the ballot [box] in November,” Eldridge said in a press release issued by the Maine campaign. “We are encouraged by strong statewide support for the initiative and the top-notch campaign team that’s in place, and we hope that our support will motivate others to invest in the campaign. With numerous marriage equality cases heading to the Supreme Court, there is nothing more important than growing momentum and winning the freedom to marry in more states.” Fundraising efforts will include direct mail and email solicitations, phone calls(TF anybody that rings my line) and the use of social media, David Farmer, spokesman for the campaign, said Monday. Hughes is from North Carolina (God bless that state) which had just recently thwarted Gay unions via Amendment one.

I honestly think for once the words #Moneymadness should trend on twitter. Some important persons are becoming gradually sick.

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