Friday, 25 May 2012

Something Fishy is going on in football..@FIFA, UEFA and Co, its becoming glaringly clear. Watch it!!

Owk, Chelsea Win on Penalties and all of a sudden FIFA wants to scrap penalties. I have always suspected some sort of foul-play with FIFA and UEFA. First and foremost, I am so sure that both "footballing bodies" were quite disappointed that neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid made it to the final of club football's most elite competition (Of course, I don't need to emphasize how much this cost them, most especially in monetary terms). Okay, that means they had to settle for Bayern, and when 'The God of football" saw that these Chelsea guys have worked their ass off to get to yet another final in 4 years, in his infinite mercies, He granted Drogba & Co the opportunity to drink from the HOLY GRAIL OF European Football. All of a sudden, Franz Beckenbauer does not like football games being decided on Penalty shoot-outs. Lo and Behold, Sepp Blatter too. If Bayern had won, we would probably be reading another story captioned "Shoot-outs, the beauty of football", #Dassorai. I won't say anything yet till the FIFA Gala. Lemme see who wins World Player this time around. Something fishy is going on. I hope others can be wise enough to see it now. Read more on this madness  here, hia and there. #issokay.

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