Saturday, 19 May 2012

Will Smith Slaps reporter....A punch was almost on the Line

Okay, Will Smith slapped a Ukrainian reporter who tried to show too much Love. (But oga how u go dey kiss man na, y? anyway, Issorai). At the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3, a reporter showed the actor a little TOO MUCH love and tried to kiss him on the lips! In a split second of anger, Willy unleashed an "anti-gayic" slap on the poor reporter's face. Lesson learned I suppose. Next time Mr reporter, check if the person is Male or female. If female, issorai, but if male, check whether he is gay or not. If gay, issorai, if not, pls don't try that nonsense again o. Lol.
Some quarters already condemning Willie's action, but I tell you, if you are a real man and some dude comes kissing up on you like that, You would "mash-up" the dude's face. true tok!" Joker's lucky I didn't sucker punch him!" hahaha, Oga Willie. Abeg, ill inbox you my number, so we can both have a cup of tea. You did "straightly well".

Watch video below.

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