Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Should I buy Tickets for Poland and Ukraine 2012...Well, After this, I'd have to think a bit deeper.

Let's have a Racism-Free Euro 2012...

There's Racism almost everywhere no doubt, but as the European Football tournament being co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine draws closer, UEFA needs to take a closer look at this menace. If what happened some few hours ago in Kharkiv is anything to go by, Michel Platini and Co have more work to do than just ensure that all stadia are in perfect condition. As we all know, there's more to hosting a tournament than building infrastructures and making provisions for other necessities. The socio-cultural aspect of any event is what truly leaves an impression in the lives of the attendees. 
The 2 Unknown Malayalis who faced Racial Violence In Ukraine.

The fight against Racism is one that started a long time ago and I believe it will still go on despite the recent uprisings against it. To stop Racism, You would need to "bleach" a black man white and vice versa.I have a lot of friends in the Ukraine, but.........And with recent reports on how the Authorities in Ukraine do react to racism cases, it'll be wiser to 'stay home, put on the electric box and watch".
Read and watch more on this here....
But whatever it is, do not boycott the Euros ooo..Abeg.

(Awaiting Ukraine's Response to this Incident).

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