Friday, 4 May 2012

#Nigeriansarehardtoplease-----dem always want Beef

 Nigeria's Topmost Rapper dropped this vid some days back: Most of us know who n who the vid is directed at, but that's not the issue for now. As at the time of writing this the Video statistics were 83 likes and 20 dislikes. I know everyone is entitled to their  opinion, but really?!
And comments like
*and the awards for crappiest video of the year goes to chocolate city*.. U serious?!
*WTFUCK is this shit? (Wow, this shit is someone's sweat, pls can I see ur own shit?)
* if this video is nice then u must have a very very low IQ (Never knew IQ was now measured with video Quality; wow. Einstein then must have been a demi-god)
imagine if American musicians think like u do u think they will be where they are now
this video is crap say it now so that M.I will know that he is supposed to improve. (Question; Are we Americans?)
*lyrically i think M.I is the best but first action film(i thought that was a nice concept)
after that undisputed champion(i said well he knows what he is doing)then this non sense i am so disappointed in M.I (Pls be re-appointed in him o)
*i prefer listening to the audio than watching this crap if this video is awesome that means our music industry is doomed. (Then I think doom must be nearer now than before)

He keeps it Nigerian, haters still talking; He makes it foreign, they question his roots.
They'll hate you for what you do, they'll hate you for what you do not do
They'll hate you for what you say, they'll hate you for what you don't say
Ride on MI, After-all Ponmo dem no chop, Fish dem no chop, Goat dem no chop, dem say dem want beef!!

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